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Part I, ~6 min., Introduction and Methods, of my presentation at IFRAO/SIARB Rock Art Conference 2012 in La Paz, Bolivia. Part II, 4´23”, Petroglyphs Part III, ~11 min., Pictographs, Conclusion

For Info on NEW book-- Rock Art Imagery of the Dominican Republic; An Introduction by Daniel DuVall

After teaching photography for eight years in the Visual Arts Department at Simon's Rock College I am now devoting my time documenting pre-Columbian cave art in the Dominican Republic.

I have traveled and photographed in Europe, North Africa, and the Caribbean, and was the assistant field botanist on two field trips to the rain forest of Guyana, South America. I have had numerous short fictions published, most notably in the book, October Mountain Anthology. My photographs are represented in a number of private and institutional collections internationally, and I have received awards and fellowships for both my writing and my photography. Recent shows included photographs of fossilized rhinocerous in Nebraska, a series of photographs of partially erased blackboards, a group of portraits produced with cameras I constructed myself and a group of landscapes utilizing both pinhole photography and xerography. 

An exhibit, Huellas Pictograficas, of my 26x36 inch handprinted photographs of cave drawings in the Dominican Republic showed at the Museo del Hombre Dominicano in Santo Domingo in 2006 and many images remain on permanent exhibit there.

January 6, 2010 I had a wall of photographs at the Museo de La Cofradía de los Congos del Espíritu Santo in Villa Mella, Santo Domingo.

Prints of some photographs of cave paintings and my limited edition book Rock Art of the Dominican Republic may be purchased HERE. All images from  the Color Cave Paintings are available-- EMAIL for available sizes and prices.

For accounts of life in the Dominican Republic go to my blog.

My article--FINGER FLUTING AND OTHER CAVE ART IN CUMAYASA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (pdf.) came out in Rock Art Research in November, 2010.

Recent work (Jan. 2011) with Rupestrian Cyberservices has resulted in a Gigapan produced panorama of the main mural in Hoyo de Sanabe and is posted on the National Geographic website: Panorama: Rock Art of Hoyo de Sanabe  with an accompanying blog by Andrew Howley

A nice article came out online about my selling cave art in Washington Heights, NYC in September.

A figure possibly rapelling into a cave. Hoyo de Sanabe, Cotuí, Dominican Republic



B&W Cave Paintings

Color Cave Paintings
El Pomier #1,#2, el Símbolo

El Pomier #4, #5, el Puente,
Tammy Dominguez, Scarlet

Las Maravillas

Cueva Sistema del Peñón

Cotuí-- Hoyo de Sanabe, el Chorro

Cueva de la Cidra, Rio Limpio

Cueva de las Aves, Hato Mayor

Cueva del Barrio de La Cucaracha


Pinhole Portraits

Particle Theories

Evidence of Life

Cocker Spaniels

Taíno Cave Art Photographed (Spanish, French, German)

These pictographs were drawn on the walls and ceilings of caves in the Dominican Republic by the indigenous peoples who lived here from about 8,000 years before the present until shortly after the arrival of Columbus in 1492.

The paint that they used was usually made from charcoal mixed with animal or vegetable fat to yield a workable consistency.

Some of these pictographs were found in the entrances of the caves where there is daylight but many others were found deep in the cave system in total darkness and in small, uncomfortable spaces that were very difficult to reach.

Many anthropologists believe that the artists were shamans under the influence of the hallucinogenic herbal mixture called cohoba that was inhaled through the nose and that these drawings had spiritual and religious significance for the Taíno.

It is possible to interpret many of these images intuitively but others are quite abstract, and it is these enigmatic designs that I find the most interesting because they seem to be drawn from a universal unconscious world and seem to be about what is underneath the surfaces of both the Earth and our understanding of the world around us.

Daniel DuVall 2010 

Finger flutings and other cave art in Cumayasa, Dominican Republic by Daniel DuVall 2010 (pdf. 1.8 mb)

Press coverage for North Adams, MA Open Studios

Raíces Ancestrales y Alas    An archeology exhibit at the French Embassy that included many of my photographs

El Hombre de Guajimico por Alexa Voss  Doctoral thesis about the indigenous peoples in Cuba in Spanish (PDF 70mb.)

Al Margen de Esclavitud en Cuba del Siglo XIX por Alexa Voss

Catalog for Huellas Pictograficas, 2006, solo exhibit of photographs of cave paintings .PDF

The Taíno Woodpecker Story

Fray Ramón Pané-- Relación de Fray Ramón acerca de las antigüedades de los indios (1932)

Press Releases re DuVall
Press Release re DuVall-- North Adams Open Studios 2010

Article by Domingo Abreu in Spanish, about my initial photographic forays in the caves of the Dominican Republic


Schedule of street exhibits and sales of photographs

Email-- danrupestre@gmail.com

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